20 May 2007

Adventures in Extreme Frugality

A friend of mine used to write for a very inspirational, outsider newspaper; his writing could have raised the dead; it really was that powerful.

When he wrote about living for free, you believed it; you got charged. He wrote about stealing toilet paper from fast food restaurants and eating out of dumpsters and all that FTW shit. He was brilliantly eloquent, intelligent and passionate and he made you believe that not only was this free utopian lifestyle attainable but he was in fact living proof.

Naturally we'd soon learn he was a total fraud; basically living off his rich girlfriends credit cards and whanot. Either way, dude had some pretty plausible concepts for apocalyptic living way below the radar; sans job, money, bills and taxes; and it all made a lot of sense on pulp. And this article made me think of him because it was just so silly. I guess after all that, thats the legacy he left behind.

Growing Tomatoes In A Bra And Other Interesting Frugal Ideas

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