17 May 2007

Air America Radio Relaunch

Left-wing, liberal, progressive Air America announced today a high-profile lineup of presidential candidates, political players and celebs for next week as part of the liberal talk network's "relaunch".

Democratic candidates Hillary "Jesus Jones" Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards, along with notables like Robert Redford, Paul Newman (love that popcorn, bro) and Gloria Steinem, are among the more than 30 guests scheduled.

New shows are also being added to the schedule, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Arianna Huffington and Bob Kerrey. The network also redesigned its website (ooooh), where hosts will regularly blog along with a newly-hired blogger. A mystery blogger?
Do tell!

Republican Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the subject of persistent presidential speculation, was scheduled to tape his interview today, facing questions from a former political foe, Mark "Yo That Shit is Wack" Green.

Green, who lost to Bloomberg on his first run for City Hall in 2001, is now running Air America with his brother, Stephen Green. They took it over this year in an attempt to revive the network, which had been hemorrhaging money practically since its inception.

Air America is broadcast on 64 stations nationwide and on XM satellite.

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