27 May 2007

Bay Ridge gets smooth; D.O.T. Milling & Resurfacing Crews get loose

If you live in the hook you should've noticed the last few weeks crews have been ripping up our streets while we sleep; preparing them to be repaved. I've learned this peculiar process of grinding off the top layer of asphalt is called "milling". I wish I could have my face milled.

This is from the D.O.T's. website:

"The milling process is noisy and may cause discomfort in the affected neighborhood for several days. Although we take steps to minimize the inconvenience, we must still utilize trucks, special machinery and portable lights. Much of the work is done at night in order to minimize disruptions to traffic. To minimize the problems, machinery is fitted with noise reduction equipment and crews attempt to keep noise to a minimum."
How many times are these assholes gonna say "minimize"?

Most of the avenues are completely repaved and ready for summer; smooth as a baby's ass cheek.

86th street still needs to be smoothed out, but I'm noticing even some little side streets have gotten the royal treatment.

It is nice to see our tax dollars at work on something we can actually appreciate and see.

Nothing beats a nice well paved asphalt road especially when you have a very old, very raked pick-up truck; a smooth ride goes a long way.

The official Milling & Resurfacin' sched is online and they'll be paving well into June. Check it.

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