14 May 2007

Burberry plaid to replace U.S. flag

From FASHIONISTA.COM Like a best friend in middle school who's suddenly pretty, Burberry has decided to dump its partner-in-crime, the signature check!!!

Business Week reports today that head designer Chris Bailey has made a definite decision to step away from the plaid, focusing instead on the Burberry Prorsum collection, along with their burgeoning handbag category.

Louis Vuitton continues to promote their monogram, and even Gucci's glaring G's are stamped on sunglasses, bikinis, and canvas bags.

Can Burberry's succeed without its aspirational print, even if that print has gone the way of spray tans, Victoria Beckham, Canal Street baseball caps, iPod covers and beer koozies? I guess we'll see. Ohhh BOY, it's gonna be one exciting summer!

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