23 May 2007

Caesar salad, no croutons

  • Peregrine falcons were taken off the federal endangered-species list in 1999, now you'll find them nesting atop of the Verrazano and Throgs Neck Bridges. The fuzzy white birds, with talons already nearly as long as a man's hand, eat four to five times a day, dining on pigeons, blackbirds and other flying creatures caught by their mother. Once fully grown, their wingspans are at least a meter long. While hunting, they can reach speeds of up to 200 mph when dropping toward their prey.

  • NJ Youth Baseball Coach Charged in Connection With Brawl.. Jose Concepcion, 41, was arrested Tuesday after he turned himself in to Passaic police. The Passaic Jose Concepcion has no relation to Jos√© Concepci√≥n; Major League outfielder for the Astros and Expos back in the late 60's... Anyway, I guess Jose was driving his son and his friends home after a game they had lost when they saw members of the rival team walking home. Jose pulled over, his son and his friends got out of the car and beat the shit out of the other kids with metal baseball bats. Classy.

  • Daniel Johnston played an invite-only acoustic performance / art show tonight in SOHO. Well, excuuuuuuuuse me!

  • Borat: The Book? God help us all.

  • Actor and salad dressing salesman Paul "Cool Hand Luke" Newman weighed in Wednesday on the Indian Point nuclear power facility in the New York suburbs, pronouncing it safer than military bases he had visited. Uh, what the fuck does he know?

  • ASPCA Surprises Drug Suspect by Busting Him in Court!! Props to all my ASPCA Law Enforcement friends; the unsung heroes of NY. Drinks on me.

  • This show is actually pretty cool if you're into behind the scenes rehashing and story-telling.

  • Tomorrow is this man's birthday. Act like you know.

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