17 May 2007

Catch me if ya can; NYPD gets Segways; pogo sticks and rollerskates also on order

New York's Finest be hittin' that two wheel motion.

The NYPD said it will deploy 10 Segway transporters this summer in Central Park, Coney Island and other parks and beaches around the city. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said the Segways will give officers "a lot more range and a lot more mobility'' on pathways and boardwalks.

More than two dozen officers have been trained to ride the battery-powered Segways, which cost $5,300 and reach a top speed of about 13 miles per hour.

Kelly said the police tested the transporters in 2003, but never put them into service because of a recall about a battery problem, which has since been corrected.

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Anonymous said...

As if coppers in NYC were not fat enough.. now they are too lazy to walk...