28 May 2007

Check the Rhyme y'all

  • I love Andie's non-commital hand in this photo around whats-her-faces waist. Oh, Andie.

  • Man obsessed with cleanliness dies from the disinfectant he compulsively bathed in.

  • Lifeguards closed Florida beach today after they performed more than 200 rescues during a three hour period.

  • Aww, the other night I let a cat cross in front of my car; we had a stand-off and then I just waved at it motioning for it to go ahead and cross in front of me and it did; we shared a tender moment. Meanwhile, thousands of miles away in the UK, a man causes a 5 car pile up swerving to avoid a goldfish in a bag in the middle of the road.

  • The kids are getting restless; kids in Sweden are bored so they're setting themselves on fire and then diving into lakes. Hey, why not.

  • The Euro's a really bugging out today... A Dutch reality television show in which a terminally ill woman is to select one of three contestants to receive her kidneys when she dies is to air this week despite criticism that it pushes the boundaries of the format too far.
    Joe Rogan suggested having the contestants eat the mentally ill kidneys; NBC says that would be OK.

  • Chicken, Waffles and Cadillacs coming through windows... A car smashed into the front of a Popeye's in Harlem today. Three customers were injured when the sedan smashed through brick and windows, but were treated on the scene. Police closed down the restaurant at 145th Street and Fredrick Douglass Boulevard for the rest of the day and pulled the sedan from the building's facade. It wasn't clear if the driver was injured or what caused the crash.

  • "Why is it so difficult to accept that ancient man explored the world?" said the German man from Jersey City who wants to cross the Atlantic using a raft made of reeds and eucalyptus. Dominique Gorlitz says the two-month journey he and 11 others will make will prove that people could have traveled across the ocean in prehistoric times.

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