22 May 2007

Crazy guy on a bike; solo from Atlanta to San Diego in a little over a month

The first time I met Pirate Sean was on one of the last Indecision tours. I think it was his birthday and we were all hanging out after the show at the Jawk HQ. Artie wanted to buy a gun from someone in the room. He wanted an advance on his tour pay to buy the gun and I refused. I had the cash box with all our money in between my feet on the floor. I remember it being quite a tense moment in a packed bedroom with all these people around witnessing this inter-band stand-off, the room was totally silent save for Artie and I.

Anyway, Sean was going on and on about getting a stripper to come to the house. At first everyone was laughing and we were looking through newspapers and pooling our money and then it jut died down and we moved on to something else, but Sean soldiered on. I can still see him standing there holding the yellow pages, quoting prices and names of services and companies, he really wanted a stripper. By now it was 4 a.m.

I think Sean got the nickname "Pirate Sean" because he used to show up to shows dressed as a pirate which is amazing. All those Atlanta people were like family, I miss those days a lot.

Anyway, all that back story was to introduce Crazy Pirate Sean and his bike trip blog. This is a bit old now but still as amazing as the first time I'd heard about it.

Sean traveled 3,369 miles over 45 days from September 11 to October 25, 2006 by himself on a bike. He made it from Atlanta to San Diego. He documented his trip and I stumbled upon it again the other day and wanted to tell the world. Enjoy.

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