16 May 2007

The death knell for "FM Talk" / "shock jock" radio; witch-hunt reaches for satellite radio

This is without a doubt the beginning of the end, my friends. I'm speechless (no pun intended). I've no idea where to even start... click some links and feed your head on the situation.

Time Magazine: Opie and Anthony Suspended for 30 Days
1010 WINS: XM Suspends Opie and Anthony for 30 Days
Free Speech Includes Offensive Jokes!

The post-Janet Jackson SuperBowl boob media is quickly eroding into a George Orwellian world of 24-hour media monitoring, where microscopic special interest groups, basically anyone with a letterhead, have absolute power; the minority controls the majority. I forget where I read it or who wrote it, but there was a brilliantly eloquent article some time ago on how the world is being formatted to protect children 24-7. We are being dictated by an invisible King Kong sized merciless 4 year old. There are groups who want it all milquetoast, all the time. Adults have no say. Some adults enjoy bad jokes, or offensive jokes, or situations that go too far; and they've come to expect that sort of entertainment from certain outlets; they PAY for it on cable TV and satellite radio. It's a form of entertainment!

I guess it's just a sign of the times; we've got a President who shamelessly mixes god and government in every speech he gives; we've got banal talent competitions as our most popular shows on television... we are witnessing the dumbing down of America; the new safe-as-milk emasculated New Times Square America, where you can't even BUY a tasteless joke!

Patrice O'Neal on FOX News - from Gawker.com

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