19 May 2007

Dude installs Lambo doors on his Toyota; thinks he's the man; still isn't

Chris Chan, 19, of Bay Ridge, finally got his Toyota Paseo back from the shop today. He had Sera-style Lamborghini doors put on. He is also currently sitting on 20's.

He cruises the strip with a newfound air of car-superiority but when he gets home to his Aunt's basement apartment its a steady diet of nipple clamps and a weird comic book heroine fetish.

Chris has also come to realise the only way he can really show off his new expensive doors is when he's parked. This saves Chris money on gas but also cramps his style of lapping the strip 600 times an hour.

On top of all of this, Chris has also been hemorrhaging MySpace friends since he broke up with his long-time girlfriend, the ├╝ber popular, Stacy "Karaoke Kim" Lee.

Chris is hopeful his new Lambo doors will put him back on the map.


Anonymous said...

that's a toyota sera dude. Gulwing doors are a standard feature. Look it up... dude

Anonymous said...

thats gay of how jealous of your friend you are...
and btw thats a Toyota Sera.
its the same engine as the Paseo but not the same car.
wonder how he got that in the states..