16 May 2007

Dude not sure if he wants to go see Sonic Youth or not

Chris Marlin, 31, a freelance mailroom clerk from "West" Bushwick isn’t so sure he’ll go see Sonic Youth when they play New York next. “I just haven’t really been into their last few albums; I sorta fell off the wagon with them. The last one I got was the one with the kids wearing the blue t-shirts with the washing machines” said Marlin while on hold with a Pitney Bowes rep, “I just don’t know if they’ll play anything I’d know anymore.” Unfortunately Marlin’s live-in girlfriend Jean Z. could not be reached for comment.

However, our friend Chris may be in luck... The band will play their classic 1988 album "Daydream Nation" in its entirety @ McCarren Pool on July 28. Holla!

NME: Sonic Youth announce special show

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