25 May 2007

Early Friday morning sleepwalk

  • The Golden Age of Hollywood glamour may be gone, but it's certainly not forgotten by today's celebrities who bear more than a passing resemblance to Tinseltown's bygone stars. This reminded me of those old Spy Magazine "Separated at Birth?" books and thats why I liked it. See more pic pairing from The Daily Mail UK

  • The famous Second Avenue Deli will return in time for Christmas '07... on 33rd Street and Third Avenue. Um... Lost City has more

  • There was a huge fire on West 34th Street yesterday right around 5 o'clock. No one was hurt and FDNY snuffed that shit out with the quickness. I hear apartments in the building are going like hotcakes though. Goodnight everybody! Try the veal.

  • Ok, relax Sid and Nancy. Please tell me Amy's on her way to the Hostess Cake outlet.

  • "I am really looking forward to getting under a duvet.", you and me both, pal: UK man stays awake for 11 days... wacky stunt book SURELY will follow.

  • "I am the Lizard King, I don't have to clean anything": You can crash at Jim Morrison's last known U.S. residence; a seedy WeHo apartment, for $200 a night... "Fully Furnished in 70's style. Queen sofa bed in livingroom for additional sleeping accomodations." West Hollywood Vicinity (8214 W. Norton Ave.)

  • Didja see our story on Designer Vaginers?
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