18 May 2007

Full English Breakfast; Friday AM linkage

Scarlett Johansson (ScarJo), whose screen credits include "BARF in Translation" and "Match Point," will star as Mary, Queen of Scots (holla), in an upcoming historical film epic..... You have a friend in Minnesota: dude got some bullshit parking ticket and along with his payment, he included a sample of his dog's shit in the envelope -- haha -- like YOU haven't thought of doing the same exact thing..... Company recalls capri pants - thank fucking god - its because the buttons inside the pants' waistbands can detach which poses a choking hazard to children and fashion hazard to all men.....
If you're a mailman (or woman - gosh) looking to escape dog bites, New York City is the place to go. New statistics show the New York metro area recorded no dog bites of letter carriers last year - what the fuck guys? let's get to bitin' - California led the nation with 96 bitten carriers. Speaking of which the post office holds regular dog awareness programs. It's kicking off dog bite awareness week today. Dog Bite Awareness Week??!?!?! that's the greatest thing I've heard all day - then again its 9:30 am...... Look at this... I guess Britney is back in rehab... Hey, I remember when this was a parking lot... Marijuana was found in a Happy Meal... Keith Richards is shopping around an autobiography, apparently for as much of a mess as he is the dude has kept very detailed journals all these years. I'll read it....... We hear Bo Diddley is doing much better recovering from his recent stroke...... Rapper Cam is all over the place trying to get his face up in the Source - Fresh off 60 Minutes about "snitchin" media whore Cam sent a message to 50 Cent that he gets back from vacation June 1st so watch his back - 50 went on 106 and Park yesterday and said he hadn't heard anything from Cam since he got punched in the eye. Damn, it feels so good to be a rich gangster.......... Anne Heche's soon to be ex claims that she is "delusional" and shouldn't be given full custody of their kid. Heche's lawyers fired back a statement claiming that the former cameraman just wants more of Heche's money. The ex is asking for $33,000 a month in spousal support - Heche makes $81,000 an episode for her role in "Men In Trees." - I have no idea what that even is, a TV show I guess......... I searched a few other blogs to poach more info but everything they're talking about today, we said yesterday. Been there, done that. Where's my Flavia?

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