17 May 2007

General Lee for sale - take two

My man Bo Duke himself put the General Lee up for sale on Ebay a few weeks ago and it sold for $10 million... and then the winning bidder chumped out and it all turned out to be a hoax.

Bo duke was fumin' but now he's back and it's up for sale again. This time he's got a team of lawyers and bounty hunters poised to sell it for real.

For all you gearheads, this is a 1968 Dodge B-body Charger with 383 V8. Holla!

Bonus fun facts about the famous "Dixie" horn: During the filming of the first season, the producer was riding in a car on a country road when another car, driving the other way, honked their horn at them as they passed them. Upon hearing the horn, the producer ordered the driver to double back and chase the car down. Once they got the other car to stop, the producer offered the owner of 200 balloons to rip the horn out right there and give it to them. The owner took the deal without hesitation, partially because afterwards the producers found out he could've easily bought the same horn brand-new from the JC Whitney auto parts catalog for about one tenth of what he offered them.

"Just the good ol' boys... Never meanin' no harm"

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