27 May 2007

Hang on, Hold Steady

A very vicious rumour has it Hold Steady's lead singer/songwriter Craig Finn has finally found a reliable dealer in New York and his name is Chavo.

We hear Chavo is very punctual, his product is quality, he'll deliver to Craig wherever he is and his price is unbeatable. Sounds almost too good to be true, no?

But could this signal the beginning of the end for The Hold Steady?!

One could safely assume that Finn finally finding a reliable fix will fuck things up royally; what with the crux of Craig's colourful lyrics revolving around his vibrant trials and tribulations trying to score.

"I called up Chavo at nine and he came right on time,
We met up on the corner of Commerce and Vine...
Yeah, he made me feel so fine..."
... will not have quite the same power unfortunately.

Is Chavo some sort of harbinger disguised as a saviour of Craig Finn? I mean we all want Craig to be happy and get his fix but part of me is selfishly hoping Chavo will flake out in due time.

Anyway, we're trying to nail down Chavo for an interview; we'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, The Hold Steady are on tour right now and the not-so-new record is still wonderful and the one before that damn near perfect.

We're looking forward to seeing them at the ol' bandshell in August. Ya heard?

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Anonymous said...

Very clever.