16 May 2007

Hickory beef at Bono's condo

Where's there's fire there's smoke and where there's luxury there's whining.

Bono's posh Manhattan co-op building is having problems with fireplaces leaking smoke into upper floor units. And Bono's pissed.

The New York Times said Bono has told co-op board members at the San Remoco-op apartment building that smoke from other residents' fireplaces is wafting into the penthouse duplex he shares with his family.

Gosh, it must be nice to be in a predicament where you can say the words "wafting", "fireplace", "penthouse" and "duplex" in one sentence.

The wife of one board member says told the Times the building's fireplaces have long-standing problems.

Principle Management, the company that manages U2, said the singer was raising a safety concern, not a personal peeve, although he remarked how the smoke was "fucking up" his "chi".

The 1930 building on Central Park West has several other celebrity residents, including actor Dustin Hoffman, who lives there solely in character as Tootsie, and actress Diane Keaton who lives there as Luna Schlosser, her character from Woody Allen's "Sleeper".

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