21 May 2007

I wanna go to bed but I keep coming across more stuff

Looks like I found a new hobby for the summer... 'Helmet Boxing' A Dangerous New Craze For Teens!!! From CBS News -- A dangerous new "sport" that's become the latest knockout for children is also taking the Internet video community by storm. It's called "helmet boxing" and many health officials are warning that parents should familiarize themselves with the rules...

  • Bubonic plague in Denver !? DENVER (From Reuters) - A Denver Zoo monkey has died of bubonic plague, apparently after eating a squirrel stricken with the disease...

  • That dude Wesley Autrey, famed for jumping on the tracks of an oncoming 1 train in January to save a man who had had a seizure and fallen off the platform, fell just short of $1 million tonight when he was a contestant on Deal or No Deal with freshly shorn "Walk Like A Man" star Howie Mandel.

  • Man Sleeps Through Gunshot to the Head... I can't really funny that one up, can I ?
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