27 May 2007

I'd like to give the world a hug...

  • Government officials are warning people to throw away a contact lens solution after an investigation linked it to a rare eye infection. The warning concerns AMO Complete Moisture Plus Multi-Purpose Solution which is used for cleaning and storing soft contact lenses. The solution is made by Advanced Medical Optics, a California firm.

  • It seems like ancient history but it is barely a dozen years since the beginning of “the net” – when it was, in fact, scarcely a net at all, more a series of links between communications companies and university laboratories with computers. The US military encouraged and developed these multiple links to ensure that in a nuclear strike, communications could be routed through one of many interlinked networks of computers. This early net was an arid place of computer code with only a few bulletin boards and user groups featuring text, mostly in jargon. The idea that it would one day become a global marketplace for music, movies and above all pornography was unimaginable. Until, that is, a hyperintelligent nerd with a goatee beard, a degree in computer science and not much of a social life thought he might just have an idea.

  • 2 dead, 3 wounded in Perth Amboy bar brawl / shooting last night.

  • Cops found coke in Lindsay Lohans 2005 Mercedes SL-65 when it crashed on Sunset Boulevard last night. Someone better tie this girls ankle to a radiator until she wises up.

  • Latin music songwriter and producer Fabio Alonso Salgado a.k.a. Estefano was shot & critically wounded last night by his pot dealer.

  • Joaquin Phoenix slipped out of the theater the moment the lights dimmed at the Cannes premiere of his gritty crime drama "We Own the Night." He can't stand seeing himself on screen. "There's no benefit. Why would I watch? What, just to look at yourself?" he said in an interview Saturday with The Associated Press. Chill with the humble routine bro, we all know its because you can't stand seeing that D.L. harelip of yours on a giant movie screen.

  • Mad beef betwixt Blair and The Queen.

  • ACHTUNG! Fanta and Pespi Max might make you grow horns and a third eye.

  • NASA is looking for a company to help sponsor their next voyage to the moon... Uhh... and since when does NASA need money?

  • Y'all remember Jack Kevorkian? Well, he's being paroled and he's 79 now.

    Is that fucking suicide machine the crudest looking thing you've ever seen or what?

  • Scientists have bred cows that produce skimmed milk and hope to establish herds of the cattle to meet the demands of health-conscious consumers... Say, how's that cancer and AIDS cure comin' along guys?

  • Where Else but Roswell? Alien Theme Park: How corny. I drove through Roswell once and it was so fucking lame. Not creepy at all, or romantic or any of that shit you'd hope it to be, it was just a lame little town selling neon alien head keychains; basically a complete tourist trap. Whenever we'd ask anyone at a 7-11 or a gas station if they'd seen any aliens they'd ALL say "well, not today. heh heh"; that was the party line. It was as if they were all programmed to answer the same clever way. That was probably the only spooky thing about the whole town which like 10 blocks long. However, White Sands, New Mexico was fucking beautiful and creepy as shit.
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