24 May 2007

James Sanders' Celluloid Skyline at Grand Central Tomrorow; I'll be there, bitches!

Portions from the Gothamist: You may be familiar with James Sanders' book Celluloid Skyline: New York and the Movies, which celebrated Gotham City's role in movies and is a must for any fan of New York, architecture, or film. But even if you haven't, you get a chance to experience it in beyond the pages: Starting tomorrow, Grand Central Terminal's Vanderbilt Hall (HOLLA!) will be the setting for a Celluloid Skyline exhibit.

There will be huge scenic backdrop paintings from old films, film footage, artifacts, displays and more that will show Gotham City's role in production and as a "mythic city" of the movies.

We're especially excited by the scenic backing paintings - one of the backdrops is the U.N. lobby (photograph) from North by Northwest!!

Turner Classic Movies is also launching a program of movies to go along with the exhibit starting June 1; films include Grand Central Murder, On the Town, Batman Returns, The Naked City, The Fountainhead and yes, of course North By Northwest.

Check out Sanders' Celluloid Skyline website.

See you there, snitches!

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