16 May 2007

Girrrrrl you got caught out there; Jessica Alba shitting on the beach in Malibu

The "Fantastic Four" stunner was in the midst of a photo shoot on the beautiful shores of Malibu on Friday when she fell sick with a nasty stomach-ache.

Alba's publicist says Jessica recently started on the The Master Cleanse, also known as The Lemonade Diet, and it has been very taxing on her system.

The Master Cleanse Detox diet, created by Stanley Burroughs, is said to eliminate toxins and congestion that have built up in the body over time. Unfortunately, one of the most common side effects of the detoxification is that it gets things moving inside you and can often cause sudden and urgent fits of explosive diarrhea.

Rumours report several clip-board toting ear-piece wearing P.A.'s fought over who was going to dig out Alba's shit-hole but the 26-year old starlet staid the sycophants screaming she'd "dig it out" herself.

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