25 May 2007

Just got back from a shoeshine

  • Woman, Owner of Long Island bagel shop, shot to death this AM in the store.

  • North Korea fires missiles towards Sea of Japan...

  • New Metro-North / Yankee Stadium train station will make it easier for suburban fans to get from home to home plate... Yeah, great... The station is slated to cost $91 million, with the city (a.k.a. You and me) chipping in $39 million, with the MTA (a.k.a. me and you) covering the rest... Shouldn't the goddamn Yankees chip in a few bucks?!!!?!?!!

  • God these two idiots are so unavoidably annoying; truly, like a car accident... First of all, Donald Trump should shut up, be rich and design some more fabulous ties; instead he's decided to weigh in on this situation, taking Rosie's side and calling Elisabeth Hasselbeck, "probably the dumbest person on television". Yeah, and? So now we're hearing Rosie posted some cryptic video blog. Naturally everyone is speculating as to its hidden meaning and symbolism. I refuse to even watch it but apparently the blogtage includes a soundtrack by Cyndi Lauper ("True Colours") and images of Babwa and Ro's right wing nemesis, Elisabeth. It also includes an image of Ro's eyes in the rearview mirror of a car. Oh god, this is so awful. Hasseltwat's houndstooth dress sure is fetch though, no?

  • Parents Haunted by Girl's Disappearance... The parents of a 4-year-old British girl who vanished during a vacation in Portugal three weeks ago said today that the guilt they feel over leaving her alone in a hotel room will haunt them forever. The couples daughter, Madeleine (beautiful name), disappeared May 3 after her parents left her, her brother and her sister (twins, both 2) alone in their room while they went to a restaurant inside their hotel complex in Portugal's Algarve region. Maybe Maddy cleaned out the wet bar & all the snacks in the hotel room fridge, felt guilty and ran away? Just a thought. But seriously, 4 years old? Do you leave them alone in a hotel room? I dunno about this one folks.

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