18 May 2007

Last Night a Lightning Rod Saved My Life

Like a molten thread of white heat, lightning cuts across the grey skies above Gotham to find the top of the Empire State Building.

The storm yesterday afternoon was part of the latest bl'ast of bad weather to tap that ass.

The murky skies and lightning, seen from across the East River in this dramatic picture, were accompanied by 72mph winds and a deluge which saw an inch of rain fall in nearby Central Park.

Which reminds me: why is rainfall measured in inches, shouldn't it be measured by some sort of fluid measurement? Snow in inches, sure, but rain? No. Rain should be in ounces or gallons, am I wrong? Holla.

Anyway, there was no damage to the 1,454 foot Empire State Building. That goddamn lightning rod absorbs such strikes around 100 times a year. So chill.

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