15 May 2007

Leonardo DiCaprio builds basketball court on top of neighbours children and dog

Leonardo DiCaprio's neighbour is pissed. Leo starting pouring concrete for his new basketball court right over his next-door neighbour’s lawn and children.

Legal papers filed last week in Superior Court by Ronald and Joan Linclau said the construction weakened a hillside and left their guest deck and pool in danger of collapse.

“Not only that”, Ronald said, “He also poured concrete over my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a few of my kids”. The lawsuit seeks at least $250,000 in damages.

Linclau’s children were playing in the backyard when cement trucks from DiBiasi & Sons roared in and starting pouring hot concrete all over the grass and screaming children.

DiCaprio "failed to exercise ordinary care in making the excavations", the suit claimed.

A DiCaprio spokesman, Ken Sunshine, said the lawsuit "is totally without merit.” The lawsuit claimed DiCaprio ignored warnings that he was trespassing on the property.

Leo has offered the Linclau’s free use of his Boston Gardens replica court once it’s done, “and that’s payment enough” he barked.

As you can imagine, Linclau's are pissed but mulling over the celeb's offer.

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Anonymous said...

And the he said "I am the King of the World!!!"