25 May 2007

Lifetime premieres new original drama "Army Wives" Catherine Bell is très chaud

So last weekend I decided to reclaim my throne as THE man of the people and I headed underground and (gasp!) took the subway all the way to Canal Street. Agggghhhhhhhhhh!

I actually love the subway and have always found it so inspiring; I always say "a trip on the subway for a writer is like a trip to the supermarket for a chef", you follow? I've gotten quite spoiled riding these express buses; they're quite posh.

So the best part of the trip underwater were the adverts in our car for some new "original dramatic series" (BARF!) on Lifetime called "Army Wives". It looks like Desperate Housewives in camo basically.

However, my girl Catherine Bell is one of the stars of the series; in fact the ONLY star that matters in my book.

So anyway, I wanted to share with you all some sorted pics I took of Cath on our vacation to Bali a few months ago.

Cheesy Cath.

Catherine Bell and lots and lots of books? Oh my.

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