25 May 2007

Make a Plan to Love Me, bitch

I saw Bright Eyes a few years ago when they were touring with The Faint and Omaha rap trio Mars Black, who ruled btw. People were yelling at Connor then because they wanted to hear stuff from "Wide Awake" and he played "Digital Urn" almost in its entirety. The best part of the night was when Mars Black was on stage I overheard a girl behind me remarking only half-jokingly to her friend "They have black people in Nebraska?".

A review of the Bright Eyes show the other night in Boston sounded like one-part NY Philharmonic and one-part Nirvana The Who Nirvana.

In addition to founding members Conor Oberst, Mike Mogis and Nate Walcott, they had a full band-cum-orchestra which included a string quartet, two horn players, two drummers, a vibraphonist, a keyboardist, a bearded lady and a sword swallowing elephant.

Apparently everyone was decked out in white suits and white dresses (Polyphonic Spree meets Rolling Thunder), which Oberst glibly attributed to their being born again as "second virgins". Um.

"To close the night, an apparently inebriated Oberst started smashing all his instruments and the whole stage ended up being trashed to the tune of deafeningly loud guitar feedback. While it may have been fun for the 27-year-old Oberst, his actions came across as immature histrionics, which is the Achilles heel that he has faced throughout his career. Considering the sonic quality and powerful songwriting contained on Bright Eyes' latest record Cassadaga, it was a shame to see all the musical, visual, and acoustic luxuries go to waste."

Bright Eyes & Gillian Welch kick off a 7 night sold-out engagement at Town Hall in NYC tonight.


Anonymous said...

God damn, can't anything stay nice? Fuck Bright Eyes, too. Another douchebag bites the dust. -QB

Anonymous said...

And that new album aint shit, yo. :)