24 May 2007

Thursday's news at noon

  • Merrill Lynch cut the number of sick days each employee can take without consequences from 40 to 3 (THREE!!) so it can reduce the cost of absences. Workers out more than 3 days must discuss the matter with their managers, Merrill said in a memo to employees. Anyone absent four or more days may lose pay, and could face termination at nine days. I suppose 40 sick days a year might be a bit much but to cut it down now to only THREE DAYS a year?! Wow.

  • Former Flyers goon Rick Tocchet has found himself at the center of a gambling ring investigation which includes Wayne Gretzky and his wife Janet Jones. Gretzky has been on indefinite hiatus from his job as an assistant coach with the Phoenix Coyotes since the charges were announced. Other people involved include a NJ State Trooper and a few Wall Street bro's. Under New Jersey law, it is not a crime to place a bet, even if the wager is with a bookie. People who place bets for others can be prosecuted, however, as can people who profit off someone else's bets.

  • They're trying to get the FDA to regulate tobacco and develop a plan to reduce nicotine levels in cigarettes.

  • Diamanda Galas Amy Winetits is starting to look better methinks. I hope she's got heavy cream in that coffee cuz she's still got a long way to go to get back where she wuz at. Another 20 or 30 pounds and I'd call her back.

  • What does a convicted socialite do to cheer herself up when she's got only a dozen days to go before she goes to jail? She rents "Happy Feet."

  • Self-acclaimed Worlds First Supermodel Janice Dickinson is a real class act.

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