16 May 2007

Mow 'em down Foxy Brown

Police were called last week in Brooklyn after a young mother claimed Foxy Brown, in a silver Range Rover, almost ran her down along with her baby in a stroller.

But the rapper shouldn't even be behind the wheel: The DMV confirms her driver's license has been revoked for failing to respond to summonses.

The alleged incident occurred Wednesday evening at the intersection of Underhill Ave. and Prospect Place. The young woman, who requested anonymity, said Brown cut her off on a crosswalk.

"I jumped back, pulling the stroller, and yelled at the driver, 'You should watch where you're going!'" she said. "She cursed at me and proceeded to drive down Prospect Place." Ha! I love it.

"I called the police, but they said that they couldn't do anything because she didn't actually hit me." Bum out. There's always next time, right?

Brown has a history of driving without a license and crashed her Range Rover off Flatbush Ave. in 2000. She's also on probation for attacking two Chelsea manicurists in 2004. We also heard Foxy Brown was seen screaming at some salespeople in a jewelery store the other day. Holla!

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