26 May 2007

My girl wants to party all the time: Saturday morning tidbits

  • Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, the dude who invented LCD (liquid crystal display), has died. De Gennes won the 1991 Nobel Prize for Physics for his groundbreaking work in liquid crystals and polymers, for which some of the judges accorded him the accolade of “the Isaac Newton of our time.” He died yesterday. He was 74.

  • A passenger plane taking off from Southern England's Bournemouth Airport bound for Portugal was forced to land after flying into a swarm of bees Thursday. Huge clouds of bees have been seen around Bournemouth over the past few days. I bet your boy Richard Branson paid those bees to go fuck shit up.

  • Real-life Green Mile in Ohio... It took 6-foot, 265-pound Christopher Newton 16 minutes to die once chemicals began flowing into his veins; 5 minutes longer than the state's previous longest on record and the longest stretch that any of the state's inmates executed since 1999 has endured. Brutal. Newton had insisted on the death penalty as punishment for choking and beating his cellmate over a chess game in 2001.

  • Man who stayed up for 266 hours awakes to bad news... hahahaha. What a classic: I think it was yesterday we told you about the dude in the UK who had stayed up for 11 days straight trying to break some world record; well it turns out he went to bed a few hours too soon and missed his mark. Better luck next time, broseph.

  • Duuuude, did you ever hear the story about the guy who goes on a date and then he like passes out and he wakes up the next morning in a bathtub full of ice and his kidneys are missing!?

  • It was the ex-husband, with the pistol, in the bagel store.

  • Fashion czar Paul Poiret takes NYC into the Belle Epoque.

  • "How much for that H in the windowwww": How the cops put a price tag on seized drugs. Is there a Beckett's for smack?

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