15 May 2007

You are staring at the new face of ABC television

ABC has announced plans for 12 new television shows next season, including a spinoff of its hit hospital drama "Grey's Anatomy" (never seen it) and a caveman comedy based on the popular Geico insurance commercials!!!!

The network picked up "Cavemen," adapted from the Geico commercials as an offbeat commentary on ethnic prejudice from the perspective of three prehistoric guys trying to make their way in the modern world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Say it ain't so, ABC. You've gotta be kidding me. I'd heard rumours but... Oh, no.

After two years of solid growth, ABC stumbled in the ratings this past season, due in part to the loss of its highly watched "Monday Night Football" franchise, which moved to ESPN.

ABC has officially jumped the shark. I give "Cavemen" 2 episodes before its yanked.

Perhaps they could remake Howard the Duck or ALF?

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