25 May 2007

News at Noon: FRIDAY

  • "Extremely Large" Woman Who Fell From Coaster Seeks $16M... Her lawyer says a park worker should not have let her take up two seats on the ride...

  • New testing on the type of ammunition used in the 1963 assassination of JFK raises questions about whether Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone... Um, guys... haven't we been down this road already?

  • Boo! The Sanjina hoax has been revealed. We're sad because we thought maybe, just maybe, Sanjina really was an insane genius who had tromped le monde, but it was just Will Ferrel. Oh well. If you're still confused, click me.

  • Doors Exhibit Opens at Rock Hall of Fame. Wanna go?

  • Cream Bassist Says Reunion in the Works... Jack Bruce says Cream is once again rising to the top (erf). The bassist for the legendary group told The Associated Press yesterday that he agreed recently to play an unspecified show or shows later this year with guitarist Eric Clapton and drummer Ginger Baker. Wow, I'd actually love to see that.

  • "Well, you know my name is Simon and I like to do drawerings": How British teens see themselves: 25 self-portraits

  • Awwww, babyface! A 7-foot alligator wandered into a small Florida neighb and tried to climb the wall of a house. Silly, you're not a squirrel, go back in the water!

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Anonymous said...

Wonder what's driving that croc up a wall? I feel for it...