17 May 2007

Thursday AM pot luck Mmmmmmmm

Apparently Sangina wanted to sing Janis Joplin's "Mercedes Benz" on American Idle but they freaked out and said "no way" since Ford is one of Idol's main sponsors... Jennifer Aniston finally grew a sack and called out Brangelina in the new ish of Us, calling the power couple: "totally a joke". I dunno why but I've always thought Jennifer was cooler than your normal garden variety celeb, maybe because she was in Office Space?... Paris Motel6 is going to jail for some bullshit but now they're saying she'll only have to serve half her sentence, and this is news why? Ask Frankie the delivery guy who got pulled over this weekend for driving without a license how HE feels about special treatment for rich twats... Ike Turner spent a night in jail for an old outstanding narcotics warrant. Ike said he spent the night freezing his ass off with "nothing but a banana and a cookie"? Ooh, sounds deelish! No more bread & water I guess... Hillary Clinton wants the American people to help choose her campaign song. Jesus Jones' "Right Here, Right Now" is in the running. No, really... Harry Potter dwarf Elijah Wood will play Iggy Pop in a new movie? Uhhh... Madonna has posted a new song called "Hey You", who me?, for download on Live Earth's website.... Marilyn Manson is still alive, no really, and embroiled in some new "scandal". Manson and Slayer are touring together soon. Ha!... Poor Bo Diddley had a stroke, he's in the hospital recovering... They're releasing another Van Morrison greatest hits and it will have the mandatory "new song" that always sucks... Paul says Elvis was the main influence for Sgt.Pepper, HUH?!... Meanwhile Dylan admits he's always had mad love for The Beatles... ZZ- motherfucking-Top had to cancel their Euro tour because the bass player has an earache, no, really... Michael Moore's new movie "Sicko" is gonna be dope... Russia is pissed at Estonia, so they've been mauling them with computer viruses, is this the new frontier? E-mail wars?!... ... And finally, a dog in Beijing is playing mom to a bunch of newborn tigers, awwwww.

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