21 May 2007

Rachael Ray's feet, Sopranos, the war

Well I must admit I came here to write a story on Rachael Ray's feet however I couldn't find any evidence online to back the claim I'll make towards the end of this paragraph. I will begin by saying I found her just as annoying as all of her other haters did until I learned she was pro-pit bull / pro-adoption and had a few pits of her own. She also backed a benefit calendar I was a part of for a shelter in New Jersey; she held up the calendar on her show and they all sold out in like 2 hours; so she's cool but I still have a bone to pick out of her chicken soup. It just seems that every time I turn around she's on the cover of some magazine, sitting Indian-style holding her goddamn feet. And that'd be fine, if she weren't a chef. Stop touching your feet girl, and go wash your hands, then fix me a chicken pot pie.

I cannot fucking WAIT for the Sopranos to end and its not because I won't miss watching it; I love the show and TV will suck without it, but I'm just SO tired of hearing people speculate on how they think its gonna end. It's almost as annoying as people who refer to their favourite baseball teams as "we"; "we" won last night; "we" signed Roger Clemens... Bro, YOU didn't do shit besides WATCH the game. People use "we" when it comes to the U.S.A. of course and the armed forces; "we" invaded Iraq; "we" should pull out of there. I suppose using "we" here is a bit more acceptable BUT, I ain't doing shit besides watching the war on TV, just like it was a baseball game, right? So if I can't say "we" for my Mets, I certainly shouldn't be using "we" for the brave people who put themselves directly in danger to fight someone elses war.

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Anonymous said...

You don't want Rachael Ray's feet? I DO. Gimme some EVOO and I'd massage that girl's doggies till her eyes rolled back white.