19 May 2007

Saturday Night in the Shampoo Room of My Mind

New York's Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has been very busy lately. The other day we heard he was going after Dell; accusing them of some bait & switch bullshit. I guess Dell promised new customers free tech support with the purchase of a comp but actually charged them for it later. It actually sounded like Andy had some personal vendetta; maybe he had computer beef and spent his weekend on hold with tech support (in Bhopal) so when he got to his office Monday morning he had his dogs attack. Now we're hearing Cuomo is investigating real estate practices that may have involved brokers pressuring appraisers to inflate values so they could sell houses for more than they were actually worth. Maybe he got ripped off there, too.

  • Plumbers in Rhode Island are fighting over a famous phone number. I must admit, when I'm really, REALLY bored, I'll still try this number in a few area codes; it never works. Which reminds me, when I was a kid we used to call 238-HELP and an old lady would answer. At first we'd pretend we thought it was some suicide hotline and we'd cry and ask her questions and she'd just hang up on us. For some reason we got to always asking her for "Dave". Years later I remembered the number and started calling it like once a year, usually on Christmas Eve from my grandmothers house asking if Dave was home. Finally one year I called and the number had been disconnected. I assumed she'd died; she'd sounded very old from the first time we'd called. I bet that long-standing annual call really freaked her out. I still think about it from time to time and feel like a creep.

  • If you were at this store today around 3pm, you would've seen me.

  • Tomorrow in Bank Ridge is the annual Norwegian Day Parade. It starts at 1pm on Fifth Avenue and runs from 95th to 67th Street. No zeppoles ? I'll pass.

  • The Mets won, again.

  • I'm sorry but I love well-done bootleg shit like this, maybe I was a pirate in a past life. I just think its so sublime to somewhat usurp the people that care so much about status and the companies that exploit them. Now that was an expensive sentence.

  • This dude makes a lot of scents.

  • Drove by here today and wished I'd had a camera. Great minds...

  • Judge says Elizabeth Taylor can keep her $15M Van Gogh allegedly swiped by Nazis.

  • The Ten Commandments of Style from the people who say "white jeans" are "back".

  • The only thing preventing me from being completely in love with this girl is that for some reason I think she's a Sasquatch with long banana feet. Can someone please confirm or deny?

  • Q and I blew off this video shoot. I think it would've been better had we gone. Sorry guys, I still love u.

  • This is just SO bizarre.

  • Interpol's Sam Fogarino is in the new ish of GQ talkin' suits.

  • This book was pretty sweet.

  • Global warming is the new black.

  • This is great. I'd always wanted to do an exposé on this West Coast phenom.

  • Original Videograf's #1-9 available on DVD.

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