15 May 2007

Seinfeld is back! Well, not quite

But I'll take whatever I can get. Nearly a decade after Seinfeld ended its run on NBC, Jerry Seinfeld made a return appearance at the network's upfront presentation to tout his new project -- a series of mini-episodes that take viewers behind the scenes of his upcoming animated film, "Bee Movie." God, I really hate animated films almost as much as I hate remakes. But, maybe it’ll be OK if Seinfeld is signing his name to it.

My boy JS noted that much has changed since his last stint on television, when "there was no YouTube; it was Us Tube," referring to NBC's once top-rated status.

Seinfeld said he wants to help NBC regain its former glory but said he wasn't willing to return to a full-time series -- especially if it involved eating worms, he added, taking a swipe at reality shows such as "Fear Factor." Ouch.

"Sometimes I feel like the whole industry just picked up and joined the circus," he added.

Seinfeld's new project, which he dubbed "Making Bee Movie Magic," amounts to 20 short promotions for the film, which is being released Nov. 2. In it, Seinfeld voices the character of Barry B. Benson, a "disillusioned bee." {aww}

The mini-episodes will run during NBC's prime-time schedule and online in the fall around the movie's release.

Whatever, we’ll take it; beggars can’t be choosers with TV in its current state.
Also, if you haven’t seen Seinfeld’s movie Comedian, move that shit on the top of your NetFlix cue STAT. It’s a well-done, honest documentary.

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