18 May 2007

Shoelaces of the World Untie

Legendary shoemaker PF Flyers has teamed-up with legendary Johnny Marr to design a legendary limited-edition sneaker with all legendary proceeds going to charity partners, Cure Autism Now and The Pictor School.

Marr, co-founder of The Smiths and now the lead guitarist of Modest Mouse (so random, I still can't figure that one out), has been a long-time fan of PF Flyers.

Marr designed the PF Flyers sneaker himself. To top off this collaboration, Marr’s signature is laser etched on the tongue of each and every shoe. Fetch.

Only 108 pairs of this limited-edition sneaker will be available in the US and another 108 pairs in the UK will be available starting 10 July, 2007.

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