22 May 2007

Tuesday afternoon potpourri in a wicker basket

  • Sanjaya Warhol... now he's saying his name is really Bill Vendall and he's an art student at the Rhode Island school of design, and the whole American Idol thing was a hoax; "The Sanjaya character was part of a larger art installation." Maybe he was just high, or maybe he really is a genius. We all know those art school students love to usurp "the man". TMZ has the video of Sanjaya spilling his guts to the feds.

  • Ahoy! Sunken buried treasure found; Merchant ship went down with $500 million in gold and silver coins aboard.

  • Carnegie Hall is expanding; millionaires will be displaced

  • Kid in NJ attacked by coyote, again.

  • The city's fleet of yellow cabs will go entirely hybrid within five years, and all new taxis will have to meet emissions and mileage standards by next year, Bloomberg announced today. Among the 13,000 taxis rolling on the streets today, there are just 375 fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles. Bloomberg says by 2012 they'll ALL be hybrids. And what?

  • British prosecutors will charge ex-KGB agent Andrei Lugovoy with the murder of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko, who died in London last year after being poisoned with radioactive polonium. Our boys at the BBC put together a very detailed timeline of the key events leading up to and since his sketchy death.

  • As I type this I am wearing one sock. Don't ask.
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