17 May 2007

Warhol painting sells for $71-million; woman stares at blank wall

Andy Warhol's "Green Car Crash" painting sold for over $71-million, more than quadrupling the previous top auction price for the pop artist's work. Holla.

Last nights Christie's auction of postwar and contemporary art took in a total of nearly $385-million, making it the second most lucrative art auction ever held since the one on the Cosby show when Cliff and Claire unknowingly bid against each other on that jazz record.

The previous auction record for a Warhol work was $17.4-million, set when Mao sold at Christie's in November, 2006. Yeah, whatever. What have u done for me lately?

Green Car Crash, painted in 1963, is part of a series of Warhol works that drew on photographs of fatal accidents. Silkscreened over a green background, the work makes use of a news photograph of a grisly crash in Seattle. It had been in a private collection for decades.

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