29 May 2007

What is it with Meg White?

What about Meg White is so strangely attractive? I mean I know she's pretty but theres something else there that I can't wrap my finger around. She's the girl-next-door from Detroit, she plays drums like Animal from The Muppets and to me she looks like she could be from London but not London proper, maybe a suburb; she looks like she's from Cambridge or Bromley or Quigney, even; somewhere several tube stops away from anything worth doing. I could listen to Meg's voice on "In the Cold, Cold Night" for a good 6 hours straight before it got annoying. I guess she's sort of got a Christina Ricci thing going on too, which is hardly ever bad.

Maybe its simple, then.

Anyway, AOL has posted the video for "Icky Thump", the first single off the new White Stripes record by the same name. Theres a striped horse, subtitles, crazy contact lenses, a scarlet room and more. The record comes out 19 June but I'm sure its online already so go get it.


Unknown said...

and she looks like rachel varla

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's the fact the her boobs are the size of her head!!! Also she seems to carry herself with a manner that seems approachable, yet just out of reach. One can see it in her photos and hear it in her voice. She's like a sweet little angel you just want to reach out and touch/grope.

reno said...

great boobs

no bra

what else?

awesome boobs