15 May 2007

World Mayors Hold Climate Summit in NYC

NEW YORK (AP) -- City leaders from around the globe gathered today for an environmental summit hosted by former President Clinton and Mayor Michael Bloomberg with a message that the campaign to reverse global warming begins with the world's mayors.

"It is in cities that the battle to tackle climate change will be won or lost," London Mayor Ken Livingstone said.

Mayors and local leaders from more than 30 cities kicked off the conference, known as the "C40 Large Cities Climate Summit" (oooh sounds top secret), which first convened in London back in 2005.

Organizers say cities bear a significant responsibility to address climate change because they cover less than 1% of the Earth's surface but generate 80% of heat-trapping greenhouse gases.

Hmmm. Couldn't they've just had a conference call?

"Our theme is not whether we should work together, because we know that we must, it is how and how fast we can do so," New York's Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff said, his 2002 Lincoln Town Car idling outside while his chauffeur read the Post.

The summit includes mayors from Seoul to Sao Paulo, Albuquerque to Addis Ababa.

Oh, sweet. I wonder how they all got here. Bicycles? or maybe they walked?

NASA studies suggest exhaust from planes play a significant role in the climate of the USA.

Contrails, the thin, white clouds that planes leave behind in the sky, are responsible for a portion of the warming recorded in the USA from 1975 to 1994, says Patrick Minnis of NASA's Langley Research Center in Virginia.

Now I want some astronaut ice cream and some Tang. Shit.

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