16 May 2007

XM stock shits the bed; subscribers backlash over O&A suspension; I'm thirsty

Amid internet rumours that the duo hasn't only been suspended but in fact FIRED, XM subscribers have been canceling their subscriptions ever since the announcement mid-day yesterday. The hold times for customer service yesterday escalated from a 30 minute wait, to an 1.5 hour wait, according to those who were on hold to cancel.

People Against Censorship (PAC), a group formed in reaction to recent radio hosts firings, has organized support rallies outside of O&A's CBS studios everyday for the remainder of the week. PAC also has a list of items fans can do to support the show, including canceling of XM subscriptions. They encourage subscribers not to smash their radios, though some angry fans have already done so.

Earlier today... Death knell for FM talk / shock jock radio

It'll be interesting to see what happens over this...

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