25 May 2007

Yo Hot Lips, have a bialy or something

Angelina Jolips has come in for some cover doctoring. The latest issue of In Touch features Jolie on the red carpet at the Cannes, showing her usually veiny arm looking silky smooth.

Unfortunately for In Touch, a nearly identical photo of Jolie appeared on page 58 of the current issue of People, which clearly showed the veins - in an unretouched photo.

Richard Spencer, editor-in-chief of In Touch, was unapologetic.
"You're damn right, we softened those veins. The arm was very, very veiny." Ew.

He said he felt no qualms, even if journalistic purists decry doctoring of cover photos. "I think they can forgive it for the cover - unless it is a story specifically about their body," he said. "This was about her plans to expand her family." Aight, chill.

"If someone's teeth are a little yellow or they are a little wrinkled or they have a rash, we'll smooth them out," Spencer added. AAIGHT THEN, CHILL!

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