22 June 2007

Bush backs Crocs helps pump stocks

Are we still using the term "jump the shark"? Personally, I think Crocs were over and done with the day those other than devout gardeners and overnight ER nurses started rocking them but now I think they're officially DONE... as your boy George Bush was seen recently in a pair of black socks and black Crocs -- (Cayman style, $29.99 BTW) -- as he was heading out from the White House to ride his bike. The only guys I know who wear black socks and black sandals usually have family in the Emirates. Hmmmmm. Is Bush taking a fashion cue from his boys in Saudi Arabia? Where's Druge when you need him? Ooooh wait, now I'm hearing Bush is actually down with Rick Sharp who just so happens to be the CEO of Crocs AND a Republican fundraising party thrower extraordinaire. Could it be a coincidence that Bush is photographed sporting Crocs around the same time his buddy Rick helped raise $630k? Hmmm. Granted, $630k is chump change when it comes to party fundraising, but I'd be willing to bet the buzz surrounding Bush's fashion choices could have an equal effect to the price of Crocs' stock... Oh, what a tangled web we weave.

Here is the EXCLUSIVE on Bush and his black socks and black Crocs from the highly revered Washington Post. And some more investigative journalism from AOL finance.

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