13 June 2007

Bush pissed about the stolen watch story

As we reported yesterday, it appeared as though during a rogue stop in goddamn Albania, Bush had his watch stolen right off his wrist as he greeted a throng of rapturous locals who grabbed at his arms and even ruffled his hair like he was Dennis the Menace.

Well now President Bush wants the story of his vanishing watch to disappear. The White Haus said the watch was not stolen, and that Bush instead had put it in his pocket. Surrrrrre he did.

And just to prove the point (hello guilty conscience), Bush showed he was wearing a watch in the Oval Office today. Yeah, great. As if they couldn't have replaced the watch by now. Something seems fishy here.

I have never seen such a ludicrous story," Bush said of the media's coverage of the watch incident. "Unbelievable."

Later, spokesman Tony Snow confirmed, "That is, in fact, the watch he was wearing in Albania."

Yeah, OK. Stay out of this, Snow.

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