15 June 2007

Calling All Doc's Loose With The Scripts... Dog needs Viagra ASAP

OK, after you're done giggling like a tool, let's get serious. This babyface named Ingrid needs Viagra to live. They aren't for my weekend in Barbados.

It has been recently proven that Viagra can help dilate the blood vessels, sending more blood to the vital organs, in animals with severe cases of heart worm. Ingrid isn't doing too good as she also just had heart failure. That's a lot of drama for a little bitchface.

The Little Shelter Animal Adoption Center in Huntington, Long Island needs about 200 little blue pills which will allow her to live about another 7 months.

For more information, please call the shelter at 516-883-6775.

I know we're all creeps with sketchy contacts out there, so please, help if you can!

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