13 June 2007

Clerical Errors Mistakenly Release Murderer From Jail

This is F*CKING amazing.

Authorities are looking for a Trenton man who was accidentally released from a county jail despite the fact that he's accused of killing two people and shooting another.

Dontay Brannon (HOLLA), 19, was mistakenly allowed to be released from the Mercer County Correctional Center on Monday despite facing murder charges.

A family member paid the $200 bail to get Brannon released on burglary charges unrelated to the killings and he was let go.

Authorities, including the New York/New Jersey Regional Fugitive Task Force, have been searching for Brannon after it become known that he was on the streets. Yeah, good luck with that, fellas.

According to Mercer County spokeswoman Julie Willmot "a series of ``clerical errors'' are to blame for Brannon's release. Hahahahahhaha!

"We're investigating why, even.................................. with all of these fail-safe measures in place, this person was released,'' she said, adding that several people were required to sign off on his discharge. Classic.

The jail's internal affairs department is conducting the investigation into how Brannon was released.

Brannon was sent to jail in March on trespassing and mischief charges. While in jail, our boy Brannon was arraigned on murder charges in connection with the shooting deaths of two people in Trenton last November.

...But wait, there's more!

Brannon also faces attempted murder charges in another shooting that resulted in a Trenton man being paralyzed from the waist down. Ok, now that ain't cool. F this kid.

At least 3 county employees and a state parole officer are required to sign off on an inmate's release and at least 4 professional records staff, including his parole person, overlooked or did not thoroughly review his file, so internal affairs is currently investigating why that happened. OK, who's covering Wilt?

The NJ prosecutor's office was notified the next day of Brannon's accidental release, and members of the task force, which includes local, state and federal law enforcement officials, have been actively searching for him.

I think its f*cked that this kid paralyzed a dude, but he should be free and clear because of their f_ck up. If they were dumb enough to let this ish happen and let this kid walk out of prison, I say the kid wins. It's like a murderer being let go on a technicality, illegal search adn seizure or whatever. Score 1 for the bad guys.

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