02 June 2007

Coney Island's Astrotower is for sale. Anybody got a big backyard?

Can you believe this goddamn thing is for sale?!

Some company which specialises in brokering new and used amusement park rides has the famous Astrotower up on their website for sale. Its listed under the "wheels and towers" section.

The company is run by this dude. Check out that cell phone! Nice!

It was made in 1965 (the Astrotower not the dudes cell phone), its listed as being in excellent condition. Says it will be available after Labour Day 2007.

I guess thats when the wrecking balls will rumble in. I'm all for the condos at Coney but I must admit it is a little spooky. Spooky as in sad; as in "Wow, its actually gonna happen."

God I hope some trust fund Nebraska hipsters strap themselves to the tower like a tree in a rainforest and make a big scene when the bulldozers march in. Now that would be awesome.

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