12 June 2007

Dog Spared Death, Instead to Serve Life Guarding a Private Prison

A New Jersey judge spared a German shepherd who attacked a child from being euthanised for his bad deed. Instead, 7-year-old Ozzy will have to spend his life in prison, well, guarding one.

Back in April, Ozzy attacked a neighbour's child and was sent to an animal shelter.

A municipal judge ordered the dog be put down. But his owner arranged another option: He could have a job patrolling the perimeter at the privately run George W. Hill Correctional Facility near Media, Pa.

On Monday, Superior Court Judge John T. McNeill III agreed to the plan, calling it......................... "the right alternative.''

"He'll be in there until he dies,'' McNeill said. "Ozzy will not be adopted by a family. He will never be released to the public.''

I sort of love this bittersweet idea. Sadly there are a lot of unadoptable dogs; they're just too vicious or crazy from being abused or whatever, but there's no reason these dogs should be euthanised and I've always thought so.

My heart jumps out of my chest for these dogs I see in shelters who growl at me uncontrollably and show their teeth because I know they're doomed and just counting the days until they're put down.

But the world needs crazy growling junkyard dogs and dogs for protection and the like so this is perfect! I wish more judges would do stuff like this. It makes me very happy.

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