13 June 2007

Female Yuppie Heroin a.k.a. Botox... On Your Lunch Break

You know me, Park Avenuin' it up. F salad, we got the fountain of youth during our lunch break over here!

Theres a new walk-in "Botox store" offering impatient patients a chance to take a quick dip in the artificial fountain of youth during their lunch break. While botox injections typically only take 10 minutes or so, patients usually have to make appointments and wait for doctors; F that noise. Plastic surgeons Michael Rose and Andrew Elkwood and are able to get patients in and out in a fraction of the time in their new shop, SmoothMed.

These two nuts told The Times last month, “People just need to be educated that it’s fast, it’s cheap and it’s not intimidating.” Since each treatment will last about a maximum of 4 months, the doctors can count on return customer$. Dr. Rose said: “It’s like electricity: If you want to keep it on, you have to keep paying.” This dudes a serious pusher; who else talks like that!? Damn!

A patient’s typical first visit to SmoothMed should take about 30 minutes or less, and follow-up appointments will take 15 minutes or less. Can I make that 7? I wanna grab a anti-ox smoothie.

Yo, so SmoothMed is over on East 59th, right near Bloomingdales, so it's sure to get a lot of regular business types, women of leisure and curious tourists. HOLLA!


Anonymous said...

I feel sad for people who do this to themselves...who knows what ultimate price they will ultimately pay with their health.

Anonymous said...

You don't feel sorry for people ho do this to themselves...WHAT YOU FEEL IS JEALIOUSY! I hate people that are jealious of this stuff, jealius that they can afford it and take the time to look their best! Your probably some ugly old hag that botox wouldnt help anyway. Go eat a big mac and shut up!

Dominique Allmon said...

We are living in a strange culture where people first abuse themselves with junk food, cigarettes and alcohol and then, when it is almost too late, turn to money making "beauty" surgeons to reverse the damage during one lunch break. The results are scary as you can see on the enclosed picture. The person does not look young or younger, but grotesque. One must live in a profound state of denial not to see how one really looks... And believe me or not you can reverse your aging and restore your skin with a very few, but important means: proper nutrition, sufficient sleep, relaxation, avoidance of sun during between 11am and 16pm, nutritional supplementation, avoidance of nicotine, sugar, and alkohol, regular detoxification and stress control... and probably the most important of all, self love and respect for the body.

WickedTruth said...

you must be some stupid bitch if you think people are jealous of some of ya'll monsters, you do so much crap to your body that you loose feeling, swell, or come out looking like a freak of nature. I mean damn can ya'll even tell if you are crying or not? Honestly if you think people want to be like you, you are seriously mistaken..... Go get some self confidence