04 June 2007

Happy Mondays

  • NY Times reports a new at-home screening test, called Fertell, lets couples find out if they have fertility problems without stepping into a doctor’s office. The test has his and hers components — a screening test for men that is the first at-home device to measure the concentration of motile sperm, and a test for women that measures a hormone considered a marker of egg quality. Fertell is made by Genosis, PLC, trades as GNOS on the London Stock Exchange. Holla!

  • The Roar Of The Masses Could Be Farts; Brooklyn's own Spencer Tunick undresses Amsterdam

  • Krispy Kreme said its first-quarter loss for fiscal year 2008 widened as the doughnut maker continued its recovery from a bad stumble several years ago. Yeah, thanks.

  • Columnist and author Eric Alterman has been released after being arrested Sunday night inside CNN's debate spin room. He was charged with criminal trespass after police say he refused repeated orders to leave.

  • I slept past my stop on the bus this morning. Had to walk 12 blocks battling Barry's fury; currently enjoying a woe-is-me iced coffee.

  • Man Wakes From 19-Year Coma in Poland; wants to know if Rick Astley is still topping the charts; wife tells him he's not; man goes back to sleep

  • There are wild turkeys lose in Detroit; and they are demanding GM give them a fare wage.

  • Girl Playing on S.I. Beach Jabbed By Needle; needle filled with Creatine & hair gel; girl OK; wants to go to the mall

  • That whole scene with Silvio and James Grimaldi's father and the motorcycle guy last night was pretty brutal.

  • A woman was run over by an Evil Mr. Softee truck

  • Here's a pic of some guy from Bed-Stuy holding a 43-pound fish he caught... on the G train. Dude says his family will eat striped bass for the next month. That's fucking gross.

  • Richard Serra Retrospective opened yesterday at MoMA

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