13 June 2007

HELP! Rachael Ray is following me and making up words in her attempt to take over the universe!!

I back Rachael Ray because she backs pit bulls. I've even learned to deal with her always being barefoot and touching her goddamn feet, sitting Indian-style on every magazine cover. I've felt the shadow of her empire on my back eclipsing the sun. But now this bitch is following me AND she's making up words.

I went to D&D the other day to get an iced and there she was!!!! AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! And not only is she all over D&D now but she's making up words like "Quicklicious". I hate people who make up words. Don't make up words, Rach, you're killing me.

And girl, stop following me around with those bare ass feet. Go fix me chicken pot pie!

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